‘Skin disease is one of the most minimised conditions you can have,’ she maintains…Because skin disease, unlike most internal illness, is immediately visible, many people feel themselves being stared at, or worse. Complete strangers feel they have the right to comment and ask what the problem is….’If people could think every time they have just one pimple on their face how bad they feel walking down the street, then imagine what it is like to have an illness running out of control. There is so much more we need to learn.’


More fidgets and techniques that I use to help fight derma/excoriation disorder :)
So, after my previous post on fidgets that can be found here I decided to put together another post including more fidgets and techniques. I won’t be going over the fidgets from the other post, so please check there if you want to see some more.
I’m going to be really focusing on giving my skin a break over summer so this is useful for me as well :)
So, as before, from top to bottom and left to right:

1&2. These are a bunch of puzzles I picked up in a christmas sale. The idea is to untangle the two pieces without using force. So if I want to pick I can untangle them all one by one and put them back together and by the time I’ve done all that the urge is usually easier to resist.

3. These are some weird magnet bean things I got on ebay :’) you throw them up in the air and they stick together and make a noise. They’re good to fiddle with and use as a fidget.

4. These are pretty cool because they’re a bit like the baoding balls from the previous post but with magnets in them and spiky. I got them from ebay too. The texture is distracting and helps when I just need to feel some kind of sensation, which other derma sufferers probably understand all too well (:

5. I really should have put this back together before taking the picture but I’m tired. This is another bamboozle puzzle. You can find what it looks like all together if you google ‘wooden bamboozle puzzle’ lol. It’s really fiddly and requires concentration to put back together so it’s a great distraction.

6. My other tangle. This one isn’t as good as the tangle therapy but it’s alright. Less bulky so I can just stick it in my pocket.

7. rubiks cube. Yeah, sort of explains itself, everyone knows what you do with a rubiks cube :p my mum actually bought me this when I was younger and my eczema was really bad. She couldn’t bear to see me scratching, so she was looking for things to distract me.

8. Spray on plaster. This makes it harder for my nails/fingers to grip my skin and i can also pick at this rather than my own skin. I need a few layers of it to make it easier to pick at though.

9. Plasters on my fngers, especially in bed. It makes me pretty grumpy because I can’t get a grip at all which frustrates me, but it works.

10. Hydration. Drinking enough water improves my skin and makes me feel better, so I have less to pick at and I feel like picking less. I don’t like drinking water so lemon slices and tea are a must :p

Other techniques and resources:

  • Sticker charts, like this post here.

  • Lip scrub to gently exfoliate lips for people who are tempted to pick their lips. Make your own using a recipe like this.

  • This whole website is pretty awesome to be honest

  • Make your own playdough fidget

  • Silly putty recipe

  • A recipe for that scratch off stuff that you get on lottery cards. I haven’t tried this yet but it seems like it would be pretty good.

  • Meditation resources. Meditation helps to reduce stress that can cause you to pick. It also increases your self control. Along with many other benefits. Similar benefits could come from other sources, such as yoga as well.

  • Not so much a resource, but finding a hobby that engages you entirely and requires both your hands can help. I draw using my tablet (one hand needed to hold the pen, one needed to press keys for shortcuts) or carve wood. I imagine sewing, needle felting, cooking, painting etc. would all be good. I’m not especially good, but that’s not what matters. While I love reading, I do find that I still absent mindedly pick while I read.

  • Spinner rings on ebay

Please check back as I will be adding more :)

Itch attack

I hadn’t had a an itch attack in around a year! It’s been quite amazing. But last night I had one. It wasn’t the biggest ever but it was significant. Thank god I was at home and I had my acrylic nails. Most my arms and fingers and eyes itched the most. I went upstairs and laid down on the bed and tried as much as possible NOT TO SCRATCH. I tried to breath deeply and calm myself. My boyfriend came upstairs and tried to help. He ran downstairs and got ice cubes and rubbed them over my arms. It was so so so so hard but I did not scratch!!! But the itch was so intense that I has to let it out another way and that was crying. I was balling, holding the itch in and trying to let it pass. The ice cubes helped. It numbed it to give me temporary relief. The cold would start hurting of course so he’d move the cube around to a different spot. When the numbness would subside it would get itchy again. It lasted a while. Finally what I call the “inside” itch started to go away but because the ice cubes melted and made my skin wet it started to “outside” itch. Moisture can make me itch if not treated right. So I dried off the water, moisturized and crawled under a huge heavy blanket. The weight helps. Not having access to my skin visually
Helps. I put a pressure point ball under my shoulder, I took deep breaths and I fell asleep eventually. The pressure point ball helps cause the pressure allows me to focus on something else on my body.

I woke up the next day with minimal damage. Thank god to the minimal scratching and my boyfriends help. I also had him apply pressure and sit on me. Like the pressure ball I slept on it allows me to focus on a different sensation besides the itching.

It’s been a wake up call to get back on a health horse. Question is which health elements will I implement again. There are so many principals. Time to reevaluate again. I don’t have the time and resources to do all raw again.

Like usual I don’t know exactly what caused this. It’s many elements coming together I’m sure. Stress, food, environment. I was sneezing a ton yesterday so I know allergies were apart of it. But the only completely brand new thing was that I had just started the birth control nuva ring. I stopped it immediately. I don’t think it caused me to itch directly but I think it may have changed my body chemistry to make me more susceptible to itching. I was also feeling a bit more depressed lately so that’s another reason for quitting.

Here’s to maintaining health!


Sorry for not smiling - still self conscious about selfies in public and I always feel that if I don’t smile I am somehow more undercover. But I am doing much better these days! I can shower again and the redness is way down. You can still see that dryness is a real issue but I have really desensitized to it. As long as I’m not itchy I don’t really care. :)

I get maybe 3 - 4 itch attacks a day. They are basically mini-flares which last about 30 minutes or so. Once I get through them I feel normal again so I just try my best not to tear and remind myself that it will be over soon.

And I AM SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! Not even using the sleeping pills I got from the doc. This is a such a blessing and I think is really contributing to my healing.

Problem areas are still definitely my hands and feet, my face to a lesser extent. But seeing so much progress! Living life a lot more normally. Five months down on Monday!

I feel you girl!!! Be strong!!

Great eczema blog!

Itchydude sent me a link to his blog and its awesome! Everyone with eczema should check it out. Great work on spreading your story. Keep it up itchy dude!


Hi, i’ve tried to accumulate what i mean is important for people suffering from atopic eczema, but i really have no clue how it recieves with the peers. Would you please have a look and give me feedback?



You CAN heal your eczema with dedication to clean food, self love, self empathy, asking for help, acknowledging you have a legitimate problem, stress management. 

You CAN heal your eczema with dedication to clean food, self love, self empathy, asking for help, acknowledging you have a legitimate problem, stress management. 

This is very important when you’re suffering from eczema! Don’t forget your humanity and the things that are still good. 

This is very important when you’re suffering from eczema! Don’t forget your humanity and the things that are still good.